How to rent an apartment in Paris?

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How to rent an apartment in Paris?

Are you planning to move to Paris and would like to know how to rent an apartment? Watch this video with the essentials to find your Parisian home.

Our apartment rental guide in Paris


When you apply for a rental in Paris, any landlord or real estate agency will ask for a proof of solvability. These are the documents that prove that you are going to be able to pay for the rent each month depending on your professional status (student, freelance or employed by a company):


·      You will be asked for your income papers such as your 3 last pay slips and a copy of your contract.


·      Your bank account balance sheet.


If you are a student, you’ll be asked to present your school acceptance letter along with the proof of solvability of the person that is going to pay for your rent or any scholarship or financial help you may have.


The most usual is to ask that the person that is going to pay for the rent, earns at least 3 times the monthly rent amount, otherwise you may be asked to present a guarantor in France that could cover this requirement, an alternative to this is that you hire a rental payment insurance, there are several international companies that provide this service in France and they will basically ask for the same documents that the agencies or landlords will ask for and if the file is accepted, they will present their selves as guarantors in exchange of a commission on the total amount of the rent for the whole period.


In Paris, you’ll be asked to pay for a security deposit of one month of rent for non-furnished rentals and up to two months for a furnished rental, it is illegal to ask for more.


Of course, you will need to also present your ID or passport to prove your identity and a residency status proof such as visa, resident card, or passport if EU citizen.


Any reference or receipts from previous lettings and landlords in France is a plus.


Law obliges the agencies and now also homeowners to present to you the information related to energy consumption and other building diagnostics as well as the details of the price and eventual charges needed to be paid when you rent an apartment.


If you are looking for a furnished apartment in Paris and you have questions about your application files, do not hesitate to contact us at the office, one of our agents will be happy to show you all the available properties we have and will guide you through the preparation of your application file.


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