The 3 Best Japanese secret restaurant in Paris

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The 3 Best Japanese secret restaurant in Paris

Disciver the selection of Food & Style, by So Sonia Nicoletti 〰️ Food lover, travel lover, déco lover #foodporn #decoration #style #foodlover #instafood #traveladdict #food #slowlife
Guilo Guilo :

Reserve well in advance for a seat at the counter where you can watch Kyoto chef Eichi Edakuni prepare a modern Japanese feast before your eyes.

Grilled eel, fried fois gras, onion tempura, abalone sashimi, small unidentified fried fish, green tea tiramisu and salsify truffles.
The layout, which has seats arranged around an open kitchen, allows diners to watch chef Eiichi Edakuni and his team photogenically chopping away at their fish and veg. Yet seeing as the restaurant only offers one set menu.  Count 45€ for the set menu, excluding drinks. Worth a detour if you're a fan of Japanese food with a twist.


8 rue Garreau - 18e - Paris (Montmartre)

Jin :

With its black tiling and a bar fashioned out of exotic wood, this miniature space feels a bit like a private club. And inside, Takuya Watanabe, aka the Grand Master of Fish, plays a mixtape of salty beats for 12 lucky guests at every service. Take the day we went for lunch, when the menu’s tracklist included some supersonic and funky fresh mouthfuls (€95): brilliant mussels in broth with added depth from sake; bass sashimi in a white soy sauce, along with satiny cuttlefish and red mullet seared over binchotan charcoal; orphic abalone risotto with vinegar; unadulterated red mullet tempura; lobster with flavorful salmon roe.

Menus €95 (lunch), €145 and €195.


6 Rue de la Sourdière, 75001 Paris


The oldest Japanese restaurant in Paris is not located rue Saint-Anne ... but next, Rue Molière. Originally created near the Pantheon, in 1958, by Isao Ashibe who gave the command of the restaurant to his children.

He proposed authentic Japanese cuisine, raw fish shabu-shabu and Japanese fondue.

And it is only from the 80s that Japanese restaurants have proliferated in the neighborhood ... From the sushi counter, from where we admire the precision work of the master, to the delicate kimonos of the waitresses.

Discover a timeless table, which will delight fans of authentic Japanese cuisine.


14 Rue Molière, 1er Arrondissement, Paris 

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