Our hints for alternative transportation in Paris for 2020

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Our hints for alternative transportation in Paris for 2020

Most of us had trouble getting on time to work or school during the recent strikes, that’s why we prepared a list with alternative ways to move in Paris, maybe you will like them so much that you will consider changing definitely.

You are not sure if you should buy a bicycle, get an electric scooter subscription, or don’t even know which other options exist?


Depending on the distance that you need to travel each morning, the city of Paris offers different ways to get from one place to another, we list some of them in this article.


First option is bicycle, Paris counts with several bike paths, more than 1000 km (620 Miles) are available for you to move around Paris in an eco-friendly and athletic way, here is the link to the Geovelo map, you can also download the free app to get the best route for your daily travel : https://www.geovelo.fr/paris/route


If do don’t own a bike, Velib is the public Parisian bike rental service, some of their bikes are electric and you can get them at the “docking points”at some of these points we suggest you to test their services paying by credit card the 1 & 7 day pass that costs 15€, this includes 0 to 30 minutes rides, if your ride takes longer than one hour, you will be additionally charged 1€ per 1 hour and then 1€/30 minutes.


There is also a free subscription for occasional users that charges 1€ for a single 30min ride.

Regular users plan (more than 4 trips per month) costs 3.10 € and the All inclusive pass costs 8.30 €/month. You can subscribe any of these from their website: https://www.velib-metropole.fr/en/offers#subscription


For those who already made up their minds

If you have already decided to buy an electric 2 wheel transport, the city can get you up to 400€ reduction on the price or up to 600€ if you need a cargo bike, you will be asked for proof of address in Paris.


If the distance is longer, you can apply for a 6000 € subvention for an electric car, all the information (in French only) is here: https://www.paris.fr/pages/lutte-contre-la-pollution-les-aides-a-la-mobilite-5373


Electric scooters

At least 10 companies rent electric scooters in Paris, the most famous is Lime, most of them work the same way, you download the app, you pay by credit card and you ride, prices vary from one company to another, this is the latest prices we saw for the most available units around the city, we hope this will give you an idea:


Lime: 10€ for activation (deposit on virtual account), then 1€ for unblocking the scooter and 20 cents/minute.


Jump: it is available from the Uber app and costs 1€ for unlocking the scooter, then 15 cents per minute.


Bird: is also easily found and it has a higher price than uber but no need to apply 10€ for activation, they charge 25 cents per minute and unblocking the scooter is also 1€.


Electric Motor Scooters


If you are more into motorcycles, this could be an option for you, the company Cityscoot provides 50 cc equivalent electric scooters by using an app, you can choose from a prepaid or postpaid plan 22 and 29 cents per minute and you are billed each month, if you were born before 1988 you don’t need to provide a driving license.


Thank you for reading us, if you want to get more hints on how to get the best from Paris now that you live here, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook.

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